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Wish List Contest
Thank you everyone for your interest in the 2008 Holiday Wish List. We had a great time creating the contest. Our winner was Linda Jo from Illinois and she was very excited about winning. Here is what Linda Jo had to say about the contest.

I am the fortunate winner of your, 2008Holiday Wish List. Sonjia was absolutely fantastic! Following are my thoughts with deep appreciation.

My wish is that you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. Did I hear the word WISH . . . I entered the, 2008 Holiday Wish List. It was fun; five lines and a wish for each line--like five wishes and Birki heaven. I said fun for we all know how many of our wish lists remain wishes and lots of lists.

However on December 17, I received a call from Sonjia on the Footwise Customer Service Team informing me I had been the lucky entry. Sonjia was incredible and after lots of convincing, I can no longer say I HAVE NEVER WON ANYTHING. Brace yourself for this and the item I wished for on each line:

line 1 - $150 Gift Certificate
line 2 - $40 Gift Certificate
line 3 - Any Men´s shoe up to $125
line 4 - Any Birki Clog
line 5 - Mystery Gift

All these wishes came true, and you will not believe how very soon. Sonjia gave me her number and informed me to call her back to place my order for Line 3 and 4 when I made a decision. Line 4 was a breeze, for I had my eye-seriously--- on the Shetland (suede, soft footbed) for several months. Line 3 ended up, after fun looking, to be the Orlando with the soft footbed. This will be my first soft FB experience. Line 1 and 2 are explanatory, and Line 5 is a Mystery . . . what can that be?

As I previously said, you will not believe how very soon these wishes came true. Brace yourself for this, too. All of the above (call from Sonjia) happened about 11:30 am on Wed, Dec 17; I called back in the afternoon and placed Line 3 & 4 order with Sonjia. She told me they would be shipped soon, and all five items would be shipped together. Would you believe before all this could soak into my never win anything head, via UPS AIR, my Wish List arrived in less than 24 hours on Dec 18. Yes, it was feeling like an early Christmas miracle.

Are you wondering my plans for the two gift certificates? The $150 I´m thinking I´ll hang onto until Spring, and get one or two styles I´ve been noticing. Then, again, since I go online several times a week to drool the Birkis and if I find an offer (sale) I can´t refuse, I may get only one pair in the Spring. The $40 will be a 52nd birthday gift to my dearest friend, Lindy; she was saying she needed to order some new Birki socks. I digress, but this would be incomplete without introducing you to Lindy. She has worn only Birkenstock for many years and has twenty plus pairs. One day last summer a box arrived, and inside I found Newalk Ottawa Birkis. Yes, a surprise from Lindy with wishes for me to enjoy the Birki pleasure. Without her,I would never have been at the site nor entered The Holiday Wish List.

Hey, I figured if I saved the Mystery gift contents until last, you would read all I had to say. It was fabulous-four pairs of Birki socks, and several product care items. And now you know, someone does win. My last wish is that next time it will be you. Be sweet to your feet; give them Birkis.

Thank you, Birkenstock and Footwise! Linda Jo
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