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Birkenstock Repair Shop

"Yes..we are open for repairs! If you would like to send them to us, include your name, address, telephone, email and instructions and we will contact you when they arrive. Our address is Birkenstock Repair, 301 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333. Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions. We hope you stay safe and well!"

Check with us before giving up on your Birkenstock sandals or clogs! We may be able to fix them even if you think they are beyond hope. Our repair shop is an authorized Birkenstock Repair Center located inside Footwise in Corvallis Oregon. We are skilled craftspeople with years of experience.

Below is a short list of our most common repairs and prices. 

*Due to supply chain issues we are unable to receive soft footbed supply parts until further notice (6/16/2021)**

Common Repairs and Prices:
Birkenstock Classic Footbed Replacement: $87/pr
Birkenstock Resole: $52/pr
Heel Wedges: $30/pr
Birkenstock Soft Footbed Replacement: $90/pr

Pictured below are the various stages of repairing a Classic footbed Birkenstock, from the first pictures of a well-loved pair, through the removal of the worn sole and straps, gluing the straps to a brand new footbed, sealing the cork and polishing the straps. Voila - looks like a new pair!

Birkenstock Sole Repair
Birkenstock footbed repair
Birkenstock Sole replacement
New Birkenstock uppers and straps